The overwhelming popularity of "Sherlock" had fans rushing to filming sites where the cast and crew filmed season 3, the upcoming series slated to premiere early next 2014.

In order to avoid the rush of fans that have been flocking to filming sites in London, director Jeremy Lovering revealed that some filming scenes had to be staged to purposely mislead observers.

"We did a few false shots. There will be things that people saw that have nothing to do with it. That's the way we handled it," Lovering said, according to Radio Times.
根据 Radio Times的报道,洛夫林说:“我们做了一些假镜头的拍摄。观众看到的有些东西其实与剧集并没有什么关系。我们用这种方法来对付疯狂的粉丝们。”

Episode 1 of the season 3 premiere will be titled "The Empty Hearse." . Episode 2 of season 3 will be titled "The Sign of Three" and episode 3, "His Last Vow."

The season 2 finale of the series ended with Sherlock Holmes presumed dead, and the new title leaves fans wondering what happens to the detective.

A teaser trailer for season 3 shows actor Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Sherlock Holmes, appearing to some of his friends in a 30-second clip.