Adobe AI can spot facial manipulations in PhotoshopAdobe

In a world filled with manipulated photos, deepfakes and even totally fake human faces, Adobe says it's working on an artificial intelligence tool to spot fake images. Citing "the ethical implications" of Photoshop, Adobe partnered with researchers from the University of California at Berkeley to work on the issue.

Photoshop's Face Aware Liquify feature is being used to change people's facial expressions, the company said.
该公司表示,Photoshop的Face Aware Liquify功能目前应用于改变人们的面部表情。


"Fake content is a serious and increasingly pressing issue," Adobe said in a blog post Friday, adding that it will use AI to increase trust in digital media. “

Adobe and Berkeley researchers have now developed a way to detect and remove edits to images.

Their tool was able to spot altered faces 99% of the time, in comparison to the human eye, which found the alterations 53% of the time, Adobe said. It was also able to revert images to their original state.

The tool is still in its early stages, however.

"The idea of a magic universal 'undo' button to revert image edits is still far from reality," Adobe researcher Richard Zhang said. "But we live in a world where it's becoming harder to trust the digital information we consume, and I look forward to further exploring this area of research."
Adobe研究员Richard Zhang表示,“想创造一个一键消除所有修改的‘重启键’,现在还不现实。但我们生活在一个越来越难以信任我们所消费的数字信息的世界,我期待着进一步探索这一研究领域。”