Have you ever made a mistake that ended up saving your life?

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This didn't happen to me personally, but to my mom.

During the week, my dad woke up earlier than my mom and always put cash in her wallet for the day. It was a routine that they had been doing daily for about 2 years, and my dad had never forgotten.

Unfortunately, one morning, my dad happened to be in a rush and forgot to put the money in.

Later, when my mom woke up and was on the subway, she realized that she didn't have any cash and would have to stop at the ATM.

When she arrived at work, she had to stop for about a minute and take out money rather than take the elevator up to the 53rd floor of her building.

All of a sudden, she heard an enormous crashing and she ran out of the building. She looked up, and saw that a plane had flown directly into the building.

The most amazing thing was that at the time, she was six months pregnant with my older brother.

Long story short, the first time my dad ever forgot to put money in my mom’s wallet was September 11th, 2001. She ran out of the building, pregnant, saving herself, my older brother and me.

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Yeah, for some reason I terribly overslept and was three hours late to work.

I felt quite bad about the whole thing. This was before mobile emails were a thing and I called in saying that I would be late. So, I walked into the office around 12 PM hoping to avoid colleagues seeing me that late. The first people I saw were the CEO and a bunch of other senior guys, all gathered around my cubicle.

“Ok, this is my last day in this job,” I thought.

However, the CEO looked at me, relieved, and said “Good morning. Good to see you were late.” Quite an unusual greeting.

Only then did I realize what had happened. The hinges holding a huge office air conditioner above my cubicle had failed, and it had gone down right into my seat. The monitor was smashed in two parts, there was a huge bend in the tower case, and the indestructible Cherry keyboard had a few keys missing and a dent in the middle of the metal pad.

The air conditioner had fallen at around 11 am, and I came to the office at 12 pm. Should I have come in on time that day, I would have never registered on Quora.