How can I change my life in 3 months by eating healthy and exercising regularly?


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I lost 110 pounds in my late teens and here are my thoughts:

Implement small changes consistently. Assume your results will increase with time, and expect a slow start. Give yourself space for mental dissonance the first few weeks while you implement this new habit. Would you want to live in a high-rise that was built in three months?

Here were some of my small changes that laid the groundwork for big results:

●Cut from three sodas a day to two, then one, then zero. (This took me from 270 pounds to 240 over about four months.)

●Up your evening sleep to 7.5 hours, then 8, then 8.5, and more if needed. Only up the number once a week.

●Food - Eggs are amazing if you're looking for a budget save. I've eaten the same breakfast every morning for five years: 6 whites and 2 yolks with some avocado and veggies, all scrambled together. You can find TONS of stuff like this on the internet.

●I used running for cardio because it was easy to measure - how many laps I did this week, how much to add in in the future, etc... whatever you decide to do, know the basics for scaling up so you don't run into injury.

From what I shared, it sounds like implementing habits will generate the biggest change. It will be challenging at first, trust me, but each week gets easier with time.