What are some habits that are good to get into?


获得211.8k 好评的回答@Oliver Truong:

●Don’t use your phone before going to bed or after waking up

●Drink water as soon as you wake up

●Start on the hardest assignment first thing in the morning (This technique is called ‘Eat the frog’)

●Read a couple of pages right before bed

●Learn something new every day that interests you

●When talking to someone actively listen.

●Make small talk with random people

●Get excited when seeing your friends because then they will start doing the same


获得91.5k好评的回答@Rahul Shrivastava:

Not an exhaustive list:

●Learn to breathe properly. For most part of the day, our breathing is shallow. Breathe from the diaphragm for at least a couple of times in a day. This releases tension.

●Tell yourself not to panic when confronted with a problem. Try to think of a solution.

●No matter how much you earn, try to save a portion of the earning before you start spending.

●Don’t do any work superficially. It becomes a habit.

●Don’t hurry when there is no need to but don’t be lethargic when there is a need to carry out a task expeditiously.

●Keep your word both to others and to yourself.

●Eat only when you are hungry.


获得146.4k好评的回答@Lindo Mashaba:

1.Learning to keep quiet when someone absent is negatively discussed.

2.Starting your morning with a big glass of water.

3.Checking your emails only three times throughout the day.

4.Practicing sensitivity when speaking about delicate issues.

5.Saying please and thank you often.

6.Allowing people to finish their sentences before you chip in.

7.Working on your memory. Remember birthdays, things said, people's mannerisms, things you enjoyed, things you hated.