Love is ever the beginning of knowledge as fire is of light. 
知识总是从爱好开始,犹如光总是从火开始一样。 -Thomas Carlyle(英国历史学家卡莱尔) 

People need to know one another to be at their honest best. 
人们需要相互了解才能达到最诚实的境界。 -(Robbins Staca(英国作家斯达卡) 

Admonish your friends privately, but praise them openly. 
要私下告诫朋友,但是要公开夸奖朋友。 -Publius Syrus(叙利亚作家西拉丁) 

All happy families are like one another; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. 
所有幸福的家庭都相似,而每个不幸的家庭各不同。 -Leo Tolstoy(俄国文学家托尔斯泰) 
Friendship is both a source of pleasure and a component of good health. 
友谊既是快乐之源泉,又是健康之要素。 -Ralph Waldo Emerson(美国思想家爱默生) 
If you don’t learn to think when you are young, you may never learn. 
如果你年轻时没有学会思考,那就永远学不会思考。 -Thomas Edison(美国发明家爱迪生) 
Whoever is in a hurry shows that the thing he is about is too big for him. 
不管是谁,匆匆忙忙只能说明他不能从事他所从事的工作。 -Philip Dormer Chesterfield(英国政治家切斯特菲尔德) 
It takes a lot of thought and effort and downright determination to be agreeable. 
要做到与人融洽相处,需要仔细地思考,认真地努力和痛下决心。 -Ralph Waldo Emerson(美国思想家爱默生) 
When work is a pleasure, life is joy! When work is duty, life is slavery. 
工作是一种乐趣时,生活是一种享受!工作是一种义务时,生活则是一种苦役。-Maxim Gorky(俄国作家高尔基) 

It is no use doing what you like; you have got to like what you do. 
不能爱哪行才干哪行,要干哪行爱哪行。 -Winston Churchill(英国首相,丘吉尔) 
A man is called selfish, not pursuing his own good, but neglecting his neighbour’s. 
追求自身的利益,不是自私;只有忽视他人的利益,才是自私。 -Richard Whately (美国牧师惠特利)
People need to know one another to be at their honest best. 
人们需要相互了解才能达到最诚实的境界。 -(Robbins Staca(英国作家斯达卡)

One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning. 
一次痛苦的经验抵得上千百次的告诫。 -James Russell Lowell(英国诗人洛威尔) 
Throughout life, we rely on small groups of people for love, admiration, respect, moral support and help. 
整个一生, 我们都有赖于从一些人群中获得友爱、赏识、尊重、道义支持和帮助。 -Ralph Waldo Emerson(美国思想家爱默生) 
He that will not allow his friend to share the prize must not expect him to share the danger. 
不肯让朋友共享果实的人,不要指望朋友与他共患难。 -Aesop(古希腊寓言作家伊索)