. Deeds are males and words are females. 会说不如会干。
. Delays are dangerous. 拖延误事。
. Diamond cut diamond. 势均力敌。
. Diligence is the mother of good luck. 幸运出自勤奋。
. Diligence is the greatest of teachers. 勤奋是最伟大的导师。
. Diligence is the mother of success. 成功来自勤奋。
. Disappointment is the nurse of wisdom. 挫折哺育智慧。
. Discontent is the first step in progress. 不满足是进取的第一步。
. Do as I say, not as I do. 照我说的做,不要照我干的做。
. Do as the Romans do. 入国问禁,入乡随俗。
. Do it now. 说干就干,机不可失。
. Do not attend to two things at a time. 一心不能二用。
. Do not cry for the moon. 不要异想天开。
. Do not try out before you are hurt. 不要没碰到就叫。
. Do not cut down the tree that gives you shade. 不能过河拆桥。
. Do nothing by halves. 不可半途而废。
. Do on the hill as you would do in the hall. 人前人后一个样。
. Do what you ought, and come what can. 但知行好事,莫要问前程。
. Doing is better than saying. 空言无补。
. Doing nothing is doing ill. 游手好闲就是学坏。
. Don't bite off more than you can chew. 贪多嚼不烂。
. Don't change horses in the middle of a stream. 病重不宜换郎中。
. Don't climb a tree to look for fish. 不可缘木求鱼。
. Don't count your chickens before they are hatched. 不要高兴太早。
. Don't forget to cross your t's. 不要丢三落四。
. Don't have too many irons in the fire. 贪多嚼不烂。
. Don't judge a book by its cover. 书的价值不在封面。
. Don't judge by appearance. 不可以貌取人。