Love is like the warm rain in spring.It makes all seeds break her earth which coverd her and grow up strong.Love is also like the sunshine in winter,it makes us feel war

In my heart,mother is the rain who bring us up.Mother is the sunshine who let us feel we come to this world,our motherlook after us carefully and protect us from any danger and harm.

Mother is the first teacher in our life.When we are noe so clear about call "mum" first though only a simple we take the first step in our life,mother must be very happy.When mother was young,she was a beautiful girl.But as our born and to school from primary school to college,our mother has been contributing much to us:her youngth,beauty andher black hair.When we fail an exam,mother always smiling and said:nothing,but you should try your best next time.But when she have something difficulty,we can do nothing for her,but see she worry alone.As time goes by,we get more and more things from she and she become older day after day.

I love my mother,she is the hollest goddess in my heart.Though I can't bring her youngth back,but I will try my best to make her happy.We are students now.We can't share the hardship of our family at present,but we can get the best scole in our study.I think it's best gift to her

Mum,I want to say"I love you".