Finch: Shortly before he disappeared in 1987, Negel purchased a cemetery plot 

in the Bronx. I've checked. It's still there.

Reese: Why does a person who doesn't exist need a cemetery plot? 

Finch: Right? ____1____

Reese: Where are you going?

Finch: If we're dealing with a spy from the 1980s, I know someone who can provide 

us with the kind of pre-digital information we need -- things I can't find on computers.

--: All first editions, the best available on German history.

Finch: The entire span of the cold war would do it, but specifically, the 1980s. 

And I'll be needing something more precise than books.

Might be worth a look.
在1987年失踪前不久,奈格尔在布朗克斯买了一块墓地。我查过了,墓地还在。为什么一个不存在的人需要一块墓地? 是吧?应该值得一查。 你去哪儿? 既然要处理的是80年代的间谍,我知道有个人能提供我们所需要的数码时代之前的信息。那些我在电脑上可查不到。 全是初版。最好的德国历史库。 我对整个冷战时期比较有兴趣。特别是,八十年代,我需要比书上更详细的内容。