Julian Treasure
Julian Treasure studies sound and advises businesses on how best to use it.


And four modalities where you need to take some action and get involved. First of all, listen consciously. I hope that after this talk you'll be doing that. It's a whole new dimension to your life and it's wonderful to have that dimension. Secondly, get in touch with making some sound. Create sound. The voice is the instrument we all play, and yet how many of us are trained in using our voice? Get trained. Learn to sing. Learn to play an instrument. Musicians have bigger brains. It's true. You can do this in groups as well. It's a fantastic antidote to schizophonia. To make music and sound in a group of people, whichever style you enjoy particularly. And let's take a stewarding role for the sound around us. Protect your ears? Yes, absolutely. Design soundscapes to be beautiful around you at home and at work. And let's start to speak up when people are assailing us with the noise that I played you early on.