Julian Treasure
Julian Treasure studies sound and advises businesses on how best to use it.


Murray Schafer
The first really big health issue is a word that Murray Schafer coined: "schizophonia." It's a dislocation between what you see and what you hear. So, we're inviting into our lives the voices of people who are not present with us. I think there's something deeply unhealthy about living all the time in schizophonia. The second problem that comes with headphone abuse is compression. We squash music to fit it into our pocket and there is a cost attached to this. Listen to this -- this is an uncompressed piece of music. And now the same piece of music with 98% of the data removed. I do hope that some of you at least can hear the difference between those two. There is a cost of compression. It makes you tired and irritable to have to make up all of that data. You're having to imagine it. It's not good for you in the long run. The third problem with headphones is this: deafness.
第一大严重的健康问题,根据Murray Schafer的话说,就是“幻听”。这是一种错乱,使你看到的和听到的并不一致。所以,我们的生活中,就多了一些不在我们身边的人发出的声音。我认为时时处于“幻听”中对健康十分不利。 与滥用耳机相伴而来的第二个问题是压缩音乐。我们压缩音乐,以便能装进口袋,然而也付出了代价。听听这个,是一段没有压缩的音乐。同样的一段音乐,但却少了98%的信息。我希望至少有一部分人能听出其中的差别。这就是压缩音乐的代价。为了补上丢失的信息,你很容易变得疲劳、烦躁。你需要通过想象来弥补这个空白。长期下去,会对健康不利。 滥用耳机带来的第三个问题是耳聋。