Diana Laufenberg:
Diana Laufenberg teaches 11th-grade American History at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia.


So I know it may sound like tough love, but look, if at some point you got lied to, it's because you agreed to get lied to. Truth number one about lying: Lying's a cooperative act. Now not all lies are harmful. _______(一句话听写,首字母大写,填填看)_________ We say, "Nice song." "Honey, you don't look fat in that, no." Or we say, favorite of the digiratti, "You know, I just fished that email out of my spam folder. So sorry."
Sometimes we're willing participants in deception for the sake of social dignity, maybe to keep a secret that should be kept secret, secret.
忠言逆耳 但是 如果你被骗了 那只能怪你相信了谎言 关于说谎的第一条事实: 说谎是一项协作行动 并不是所有谎话都有害 有时 为了保住社会尊严 我们愿意说谎 有些秘密还是不要道破为好 我们说:“这首歌真好听。” “亲爱的,你穿这件不显胖,一点也不。” 我们还说 "我才从垃圾邮件里看到那封邮件。 真不好意思。” for the sake of 为了…,为了…起见,出于…考虑