Julian Treasure
Julian Treasure studies sound and advises businesses on how best to use it.


Listening is an active skill. Whereas hearing is passive, listening is something that we have to work at. It's a relationship with sound. And yet it's a skill that none of us are taught. For example, have you ever considered that there are listening positions, places you can listen from? Here are two of them. Reductive listening is listening "for." It reduces everything down to what's relevant and it discards everything that's not relevant. Men typically listen reductively. So he's saying, "I've got this problem." He's saying, "Here's your solution. Thanks very much. Next." That's the way we talk, right guys? Expansive listening, on the other hand, is listening "with," not listening "for." It's got no destination in mind. It's just enjoying the journey. Women typically listen expansively. If you look at these two, eye contact, facing each other, possibly both talking at the same time. Men, if you get nothing else out of this talk, practice expansive listening, and you can transform your relationships.
认真倾听是一种主动技能。普通地听是被动的,而倾听却是要花功夫的。倾听是处理声音与声音之间的关系。它也是一种与生俱来的能力。比如,你考虑过倾听也有不同的姿势,以便你接收声音吗?看以下两个例子。删减性的倾听是有“选择”的听。它会只关注你想要知道的东西,而忽略无关紧要的内容。男人通常会删减性的倾听。比如一个人说:“我有个问题。”另一个人说:“这是你的答案。多谢。下一位。”这就是我们谈话的方式,对吧,男士们? 而另外一种,扩展性的倾听是“无目的”,“无选择”的。听你脑海里并没有明确的目标而只是享受听的过程。女人通常会扩展性的倾听。看看这两位,面对面,保持眼神交流,可能两人同时都在说话。男士们,如果你们谈话时觉得索然无味,试试扩展性的倾听,或许可以改善你们的关系。