Diana Laufenberg:
Diana Laufenberg teaches 11th-grade American History at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia.


There are a million pictures that I could click through here, and had to choose carefully.This is one of my favorites of students learning, of what learning can look like in a landscape where we let go of the idea that kids have to come to school to get the information, but instead, ask them what they can do with it. Ask them really interesting questions. They will not disappoint. Ask them to go to places, to see things for themselves, to actually experience the learning, to play, to inquire. This is one of my favorite photos, because this was taken on Tuesday, when I asked the students to go to the polls. This is Robbie, and this was his first day of voting, and he wanted to share that with everybody and do that. But this is learning too, because we asked them to go out into real spaces. The main point is that, if we continue to look at education as if it's about coming to school to get the information and not about experiential learning, empowering student voice and embracing failure, we're missing the mark. And everything that everybody is talking about today isn't possible if we keep having an educational system that does not value these qualities, because we won't get there with a standardized test, and we won't get there with a culture of one right answer. We know how to do this better, and it's time to do better.
我有上百万个照片 可以展示, 可我得小心的选择--好,这是我最喜欢的一张-- 学生正在学习的照片, 学习可以是什么样子 在一个我们放弃传统观念的环境中 学生非得来学校以获得知识这样的想法, 取而代之,问他们,他们可以利用这些知识来做些什么? 问他们真正有趣的问题。 他们不会让人失望。 要求他们去不同的地方, 去亲眼见识不同的事情, 去真正的体验学习, 去玩,去查询。 这是我最喜欢的照片之一 因为这是一张星期二照的照片, 当我要求学生们去投票。 这是Robbie,这是他第一次投票, 而他想要和大家分享这个投票的经历。 但这也是学习, 因为我们要他们到外头真实的世界去。 重点是 如果我们继续把教育 当作是要来学校 取得知识 而不是体验学习的过程, 倾听学生的声音,接纳错误和失败, 我们将会误解上学的意义。 而今天每个人在谈论的每件事情 都将不可能达成,如果我们继续这样的教育系统 而不重视这些价值, 因为我们是不可能依靠标准化测试, 一种只有一个标准答案的文化是没有办法引领我们达到目标的。 我们知道怎么样可以做得更好, 而现在,需要做得更好的时刻到了。