Diana Laufenberg:
Diana Laufenberg teaches 11th-grade American History at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia.


In the time that passes between when I was a kid in high school and when I started teaching, we really see the advent of the Internet. Right about the time that the Internet gets going as an educational tool, I take off from Wisconsin and move to Kansas, small town Kansas, where I had an opportunity to teach in a lovely, small town, rural Kansas school district, where I was teaching my favorite subject, American government. My first year super gung-ho going to teach American government, loved the political system. Kids in the 12th grade: not exactly all that enthusiastic about the American government system. Year two: learned a few things had to change my tactic. And I put in front of them an authentic experience that allowed them to learn for themselves. I didn't tell them what to do or how to do it. I posed a problem in front of them, which was to put on an election forum for their own community.
在过去的这几年间 从我还在念高中 到我开始教书的时候, 我们真的亲眼目睹网络的发展。 就在网络开始 作为教学用的工具发展的时候, 我离开威斯康辛州 搬到勘萨斯州,一个叫勘萨斯的小镇 在那里我有机会 在一个小而美丽的勘萨斯的乡村学区 教书, 教我最喜欢的学科 "美国政府" 那是我教书的第一年,充满热情,准备教"美国政府" 我当时热爱教政治体系。 这些十二年级的孩子 对于美国政府体系 并不完全充满热情。 开始教书的第二年,我学到了一些事情,让我改变了教学方针。 我提供他们一个真实体验的机会 让他们可以自主学习。 我没有告诉他们得做什么,或是要怎么做。 我只是在他们面前提出一个问题, 要他们在自己的社区设立一个选举论坛。