【TED】是一个会议的名称,它是英文technology,entertainment, design三个单词的首字母缩写。它是社会各界精英交流的盛会,这里有当代最杰出的思想家,这里有当代最优秀的科学家,这里有迸发着最闪耀的思想火花,这里孕育着最光辉的梦想。
Graham Hill:
Graham Hill is the founder of ; he travels the world to tell the story of sustainability, and tweets at @GHill.


420 sq. ft
Life Edited
Finally, we want multifunctional spaces and housewares .A sink combined with a toilet, a dining table becomes a bed -- same space, a little side table stretches out to seat 10. In the winning Life Edited scheme in a render here, we combine a moving wall with transformer furniture to get a lot out of the space. Look at the coffee table .It grows in height and width to seat 10. My office folds away, easily hidden. My bed just pops out of the wall with two fingers. Guests? Move the moving wall, have some fold-down guest beds. And of course, my own movie theater. So I'm not saying that we all need to live in 420 sq. ft. But consider the benefits of an edited life. Go from 3,000 to 2,000, from 1,500 to 1,000. Most of us, maybe all of us, are here pretty happily for a bunch of days with a couple of bags, maybe a small space, a hotel room. So when you go home and you walk through your front door, take a second and ask yourselves, "Could I do with a little life editing? Would that give me a little more freedom? Maybe a little more time?"
最后,我们需要多功能的空间利用与多功能家具—— 比如一体化的水斗和坐便器 餐桌与床的两用 同样的空间里 这个小小的桌子 可以伸展为能坐10个人的大桌子 “精简生活”的一个优胜设计 把一堵墙和“变形金刚”式的家具有机结合 从而高效地利用了有限的空间 看看这个咖啡桌: 它可以拉长、抬高 使得能够容纳10个人同时就座 我的个人工作台 能够方便地折叠并隐藏 只用两个手指就能把床从墙壁里变出来 家里来客人了?动一下这堵墙 里面有折叠式的客床 当然,它也能变成我的家庭影院 我不是说每个人都应该只住在 420平方英尺(约40平方米)的空间里 但精简生活的确能带来诸多好处。 比如从3000平方英尺到2000平方英尺 或者从1500到1000平方英尺 我们中的大多数,也可能是所有人 在这几天都过得很愉快 虽然我们只随身带了几个包 并且住在一个小小的旅店房间里 所以你这次回家、踏入房门之后 不妨问问自己 “怎么样把我的生活也精简一番呢?” “那样是不是会带来更多自由——” “更多时间呢?”