【TED】是一个会议的名称,它是英文technology,entertainment, design三个单词的首字母缩写。它是社会各界精英交流的盛会,这里有当代最杰出的思想家,这里有当代最优秀的科学家,这里有迸发着最闪耀的思想火花,这里孕育着最光辉的梦想。
Adora Svitak
A prolific short story writer and blogger since age seven, Adora Svitak speaks around the United States to adults and children as an advocate for literacy.


the Dark Ages
I appreciate your attention today, because to show that you truly care, you listen. But there's a problem with this rosy picture of kids being so much better than adults. Kids grow up and become adults just like you. Or just like you? Really? The goal is not to turn kids into your kind of adult, but rather better adults than you have been, which may be a little challenging considering your guys' credentials. But the way progress happens is because new generations and new eras grow and develop and become better than the previous ones. It's the reason we're not in the Dark Ages anymore. No matter your position or place in life, it is imperative to create opportunities for children so that we can grow up to blow you away. Adults and fellow TEDsters, you need to listen and learn from kids and trust us and expect more from us. You must lend an ear today, because we are the leaders of tomorrow.
我感谢你们今天听我演讲,因为你们会倾听我,这证明你们真的在乎。但小孩比大人强得多的这幅乐观图景是存在一个问题的。小孩会长大并变成像你们一样的大人。跟你们一样,真的吗?我们的目标不是让小孩变成你们这样的大人,而是比你们强的大人。考虑到你们都这么了不起,这可能颇具挑战性。但进步是因新的一代人和新的时期而发生,不断的进步和发展,并超越之前的年代。这就是为什么我们不再处于黑暗时代。不管在生活中你的位置在哪里,你必须给孩子创造机会。这样他们才能成长并让你扬眉吐气。 大人和TED观众们,你们需要倾听并向小孩学习,信任我们和对我们怀有更高的期望。今天你们需要聆听,因为我们是明天的领导。