【TED】是一个会议的名称,它是英文technology,entertainment, design三个单词的首字母缩写。它是社会各界精英交流的盛会,这里有当代最杰出的思想家,这里有当代最优秀的科学家,这里有迸发着最闪耀的思想火花,这里孕育着最光辉的梦想。
Jessica Jackley
Jessica Jackley is the co-founder of , an online community that helps individuals loan small amounts of money, called microloans, to entrepreneurs throughout the world.


In the years following, the other stories I heard about the poor growing up were no more positive. For example, I saw pictures and images frequently of sadness and suffering. I heard about things that were going wrong in the lives of the poor. I heard about disease, I heard about war -- they always seemed to be kind of related. And in general, I got this sort of idea that the poor in the world lived lives that were with suffering and sadness, devastation,hopelessness. And after a while, I developed what I think many of us do, is this predictable response, where I started to feel bad every time I heard about them. I started to feel guilty for my own relative wealth, because I wasn't doing more, apparently, to make things better. And I even felt a sense of shame because of that. And so naturally, I started to distance myself. I stopped listening to their stories quite as closely as I had before. And I stopped expecting things to really change.
几年之后 我听到一些其他的故事关于减贫 并不是那么积极 例如,我曾经看到了令人悲伤和苦恼的 一些照片和图像 我听到穷人生活的不尽如人意 关于疾病,关于战争 似乎这些都是和贫穷相关联的 总的来说 我有个这样的想法 穷人生活的世界 充满悲伤,充满苦闷 充满破坏,充满绝望 在那之后,我想到我们大家的感觉 就是这个可预知的回应 当我每次听到穷人时,我开始感觉不舒服 由于我的相对富裕让我开始感觉到罪恶 很明显的是因为我没有尽我所能把事情做得更好 因此,我感到羞愧 自然地 我开始疏远我自己 我不再像以前一样细心地倾听 他们的故事 我不再期望事情能真正有所改变