【TED】是一个会议的名称,它是英文technology,entertainment, design三个单词的首字母缩写。它是社会各界精英交流的盛会,这里有当代最杰出的思想家,这里有当代最优秀的科学家,这里有迸发着最闪耀的思想火花,这里孕育着最光辉的梦想。

Thandie Newton
Swinging from Hollywood blockbusters to sensitive indie films, Thandie Newton brings thoughtfulness and delicate beauty to her work.



Crucially, we haven't been figuring out how to live in oneness with the Earth and every other living thing. We've just been insanely trying to figure out how to live with each other -- billions of each other. Only we're not living with each other; our crazy selves are living with each other and perpetuating an epidemic of disconnection. Let's live with each other and take it a breath at a time. If we can get under that heavy self, light a torch of awareness, and find our essence, our connection to the infinite and every other living thing. We knew it from the day we were born. Let's not be freaked out by our bountiful nothingness. It's more a reality than the ones ourselves have created. Imagine what kind of existence we can have if we honor inevitable death of self, appreciate the privilege of life and marvel at what comes next. Simple awareness is where it begins.
关键在于,我们尚未找出怎样与地球和万物一起,生活在同一性中。我们一直在疯狂地寻找怎样和数十亿的其他人一起生活。我们并非只是和其他人一起生活。我们疯狂的自我们在一起生活, 与他人的隔断也如同传染病一般蔓延。 让我们生活在一起,歇一口气,慢慢来。如果我们能进入那沉重的自我,点燃一支觉察的火炬,寻找我们的本源,我们和永恒以及万物的联系,我们从出生那天就知道的联系。我们无须因为大量的空虚而慌张。相比于我们创造出的那些,这空虚更加真实。想像我们能有怎样的存在方式,当我们正视自我不可避免的死亡,感恩生命的权利,惊异于即将到来的事物。这些都来自于简单的觉察。