【TED】是一个会议的名称,它是英文technology, entertainment, design三个单词的首字母缩写。TED是社会各界精英交流的盛会,它鼓励各种创新思想的展示、碰撞。

人生感悟 把每一次的意外当做生活对我们的礼物~



Imagine, if you will, a gift. I'd like for you to picture it in your mind. It's not too big -- about the size of a golf ball. So envision what it looks like all wrapped up. But before I show you what's inside, I will tell you, it's going to do incredible things for you. It will bring all of your family together. You will feel loved and appreciated like never before and reconnect with friends and acquaintances you haven't heard from in years. Adoration and admiration will overwhelm you. It will recalibrate what's most important in your life. It will redefine your sense of spirituality and faith. You'll have a new understanding and trust in your body. You'll have unsurpassed vitality and energy. You'll expand your vocabulary, meet new people, and you'll have a healthier lifestyle. And get this, you'll have an eight-week vacation of doing absolutely nothing. You'll eat countless gourmet meals. Flowers will arrive by the truckload. People will say to you, "You look great. Have you had any work done?" And you'll have a lifetime supply of good drugs. You'll be challenged, inspired, motivated and humbled. Your life will have new meaning. Peace, health, serenity, happiness, nirvana. The price? $55,000. And that's an incredible deal.
象一份礼物。 我愿意为你描述一下它的样子。 它并不是很大, 大概只有高尔夫球大小。 包起来大概长这样。 在我让你们看里面是什么前, 我想先告诉你们,这件礼物对你们一定意义非凡。 它可使你家人团聚。 它会让你感受到从未有过的爱和感激, 正如同你与你多年未见的老友重逢时 所有的感受。 你的内心将 充盈着爱慕之情。 你会重新检视到底何为生命最珍贵的馈赠。 你会重新定义 灵性和信仰的看法。 你对你的身体 也会有全新认知和感受。 你会有无可匹敌的生命力和能量。 你将扩展你的语汇, 去结交新的朋友, 你会拥有更健康的生活方式。 当你得到这件礼物时, 你将会有八个礼拜的假期, 什么事都不需要做。 你将享用无尽的美酒佳肴; 会收到好几卡车的花。 人们会对你说 “你看起来气色真不错!你最近在做什么呢?” 你还会得到 吃不完的好药。 你会得到新的挑战和启发, 也会产生新的动力,同时变得更谦虚。 你的生命将被赋予新的意义。 平和、健康、 宁静、快乐、 重生。 这礼物的价格? 五万五千美金。 这真是一笔好买卖。