With the prosperity of economy in modern society,                       主题                            has become a problem we have to face.The problem reflected is not rare nowadays,as we always read news that                      新闻出处                            .Reasons why this kind of              现象                                    occurs from time to time are various.One of possible causes is                  原因                    .It is also owing to the fact that                                                     .
    In any causes,however,                           这种事情可能会出现的原因                   could never be excuse for                            这种事情                         .Hence citizens/the public should                    采取什么样的措施                       to prevent                            这种事情的发生                            from occurring.Additionally,efforts of individuals/one/the public should be supplemented by                  方法                     ,for example,                    举例说明(可有可无)                         ,which would be of great significance to                                                 .