Part A
Write a letter to your university library, making suggestions for improving its service.
You should write about 100 words on ANSWER SHEET 2. Do not sign your own name at the end of the letter. Use “Li Ming” instead. Do not write the address. (10 points)

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing this letter to raise some suggestions for improving the service of our university library.
Generally speaking, the library functions well, but there are still several problems. To begin with, more librarians should work in the circulation hall so that students can borrow and return books more quickly. In addition, the opening hours should be lengthened so that more students can take advantage of the library. Last but not least, the computer room should be expanded so that more students can gain access to the Intranet and the Internet.
I will be grateful if my suggestions receive your favorable consideration, and I firmly believe that the service level will be improved significantly in the near future.

Yours sincerely,

Li Ming