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本次给大家带来的是一篇最近出现频率较低的“问题回答类”(Question & Answer)雅思真题范文

有别于通常的Agree or disagree类型,问答类题目对同学们精确审题、高效组织答案的能力要求更高!一起来看一看吧!


Economic progress is one way to measure a country's success. But some people think other factors are also important.

What are the other factors? 

Which factor is the most important one?



(1) As a key factor in social development, economic progress has attracted full attention of policy makers in most countries of the world. However, some people suggest there are other factors that are as important as economic progress. This essay will focus on other aspects of the society that should be taken into consideration while measuring a country’s success.

(2) First and foremost, the success of a country is ultimately reflected by the well-being of the people. It is true that the growth of total social wealth leads to better lives for average people in general, but we cannot deny the fact that in some countries, wealth accumulates much faster in upper classes than in the working class. Sometimes, the gap is so wide that the poor ones actually become poorer with the currency inflation that appears along with economic growth. In other words, to ensure the healthy development of the society, economic progress should benefit everyone with a scientific distribution system.

(3) Besides, the success of a country relies on the all-round development of its younger generations. The cutting-edge scientific progress laying the path to a promising future is mostly driven by well-educated and innovative young people. For example, Mark Zackerburg, the founder of Facebook, successfully altered the online behaviour of hundreds and millions of netizens and made unprecedented contribution to the network industry. It is similar in other industries, which urges for better education and opportunities for each one.

(4) Last but not the least, a country should spare no effort to preserve its culture and traditions. For a nation, the culture identity and shared value system are essential to social stability. Only in a stable environment can the society thrive and provide sufficient space for the freedom of self-development for everyone.

(5) In conclusion, other than economic growth, the success of a country depends on various factors, among which the balanced development of all social classes plays the most important role.

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本题的一大“陷阱”在于,很多考生会本能地当作“同意不同意”类的题目入手,一上来就写经济发展对国家成功到底有多重要。殊不知,这样一写基本上就跑题了,因为本题的讨论重点应该在“other factors”。


1. 经济发展与社会公平。

2. 青年教育与创新。

3. 文化传统的传承。



First and foremost, ...    首先,最主要的是……

Last but not the least, ...      最后的,但同样重要的是……