It is always a pleasure to be among the best and the brightest in an atmosphere of learning. The university setting is the best incubator that exists for the inception and sharing of ideas. The agenda you’ve set forth here for the next two-and-a-half days is one that goes to the heart of what is exciting and important to business and industry today. I’ve been asked to share my thoughts with you today about moving from “me” thinking to “we” thinking. My view is simple: individuals add; team players multiply.

Tsinghua undergrads are fortunate in that more and more your university is encouraging teamwork in your case work, stimulating the transition from “ me” to “we”. At Wilson, we, too, are making great strides in breaking down the psychological and organizational barriers that result from “me” thinking. Even though we have more yet to do, we have been reaping exciting rewards by effectively using work teams to reengineer processes to gain improvements in costs, quality and response times.
清华大学的学生很幸运,因为贵校越来越提倡学生在案例学习中开展集体活动,促使“我”思维模式向“我们”思维模式的转变。我们威尔逊公司也正在努力打破那些由“我”思维带来的心理障碍和组织障碍。虽然我们还有许多事要做,但是由于我们在调整营运过程中有效地发挥了团队的作用,我们已经在降低生产成本、提高产品质量、缩短反应时间等方 面收到了令人鼓舞的成效。




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