Rosa liked making up stories. She was so __1__ that her classmates believed her from time to time. In fact, the whole class believed her! At first she supposed it was __2__. Now, as she got up to __3__ before the class, She knew that make -believe stories had some way of coming back to make you sad.

Rosa’s parents were separated. Nine months out of the year, Rosa lived with her mother in an apartment on Anderson Street. But when summer __4__, she went to her father’s farm in Arizona.

The farm was great! Rosa rode horses and __5__ with some farm work. Her father, however, was so __6__ that he couldn’t find time to go places with her. When she arrived each summer, her father would __7__ her at the airport and take her out to eat. And the day she went back to the __8__ he would always buy her a present.

When summer came to a close, Rosa __9__ to her mother. At school she heard lots of stories her friends told about their family trips. Rosa wished she had a __10__ to talk about.

Not long after __11__ began, Rosa was looking through travel magazines in the school library. They talked about many exciting __12__, like England and Germany. When Rosa’s friends asked what she had done that summer, she made up something that was not __13__. Remembering the travel magazines she had looked at, she told her classmates that she and her father had gone to __14__.

When the class began studying England, Mr. Thomas asked Rosa to tell all the things she could __15__ about her trip to England!

1. A. afraid  B. worried  C. sure  D. happy

2. A. joke B. fun  C. turn D. game

3. A. talk B. teach C. show D. travel

4. A. passed  B. arrived C. lasted D. changed

5. A. made  B. played C. helped D. did

6. A. weak  B. pleased  C. busy D. lonely

7. A. show  B. visit C. meet  D. send

8. A. farm  B. city  C. family D. school

9. A. wrote  B. called C. moved D. returned

10. A. family B. school  C. teacher D. farm

11. A. meeting B. school  C. summer D. talk

12. A. people B. cities C. languages D. places

13. A interesting B. true C. long  D. same

14. A. England B. Germany  C. farm D. home

15. A. think  B. see C. remember D. read




1. C.罗莎的谎言经常让同学们信以为真,说明她骗人时自信心强,把握大。故选择sure.。

2. B.与下文罗莎自欺欺人相对应,一开始她认为骗人是件快乐的事,故选择fun.

3. A.根据文意,经过这件事后她意识到骗人其实就是骗自己,这种意识在平时与大伙交谈时更为强烈,故选talk.

4. B.夏天到时,罗莎就会到爸爸农场去度假,故选arrive.

5. with sth. 意为“帮助干些事情”。

6. C.爸爸没时间陪她去其它地方游玩,说明爸爸很忙,故选busy.

7. C.这里meet表示爸爸去机场接她。

8. B.在农场度假结束后,罗莎应返回城里,故选city.

9. D.根据文意暑假结束了,罗莎要返回到妈妈身边。故选 returned.

10. A.与上文相对应,她的朋友都在谈假期与家人的旅游,罗莎因此希望拥有一个完整的家庭。

11. B.假期结束了,新学期又开始了,且下文讲到了学校里的事情,故选school。

12. D.下文的例子既不是城市也不是人或语言而是两个国家,只有选places.

13. B.别人问起她夏天的旅游情况时,她只有编织一些不真实的事情骗大家,故选true。

14. A.下文老师让她讲在英国旅行的情况,说明她骗大家去了英国,故选England.

15. C.老师让罗莎对过去的事情进行回忆并讲述,故选remember。