Last Friday, after doing all the family shopping in the town. I wanted to have a rest before catching the rain. I __1__ a newspaper and some chocolate and __2__ into the station coffee shop. It was a cheap self-service place with long tables to __3__ at. I put my heavy bag down on the floor, __4__ the newspaper and the chocolate on the table and then went to get a cup of coffee.

When I came back with the coffee, There was someone __5__ in the next seat. __6__ was a boy, with dark glasses and old clothes, and __7__ bright red at the front. He had started to eat my chocolate!

Naturally, I was rather uneasy about him, but I didn’t want to have any __8__. I just read the newspaper, tasted my coffee and took a bit of chocolate. The boy looked at me in __9__.Then he took a __10__ piece of my chocolate. I could hardly believe it. Still I didn’t say anything to him. When he took a third piece, I felt more angry than uneasy. I thought, “Well, I shall have the last piece.” And I got it.

The boy gave me a strange look, then __11__ up. As he left, he shouted out, “There’s something __12__ with that woman!” Everyone looked at me, __13__ I didn’t want to quarrel with the boy, so I kept quiet. I did not realize that I had __14__ a mistake until I finished my coffee and was ready to __15__. My face turned red when I saw my unopened chocolate under the newspaper. The chocolate that I had been eating was the boy’s!

1. A. stole  B. bought  C. sold  D. wrote

2. A. went B. sat C. seated D. looked

3. A. sit B. seat C. lie D. laugh

4. A. pushed B. took C. put D. pulled

5. A. jumping  B. playing C. sittingD. sleeping

6. A. He B. It C. Who D. What

7. A. cut B. washed C. covered D. colored

8. A. coffee B. trouble C. chocolateD. matter

9. A. carelessness B. anger C. surpriseD. happiness

10. A. first  B. second C. very D. last

11. A. stood B. took C. cried D. looked

12. A. strange B. wrong C. OK D. funny

13. A. and B. but C. so D. while

14. A. spelt B. corrected C. made D. found

15. A. finish B. leave C. jump D. shop




1. B.为了消磨时间,“我”买了报纸和巧克力,故选bought.

2. A.由文章推理出,“我”走进了一家咖啡店,故应选went。

3. A. to sit at 是作为tables的后置定语,意为“可以在旁边就坐的桌子” .

4. C.按常理“我”应把报纸等放在桌子上,而不是推到或拉到桌子上故应选 put.

5. C.由下文可知,回来时“我”发现他开始吃“我”的东西,说明他坐在桌旁,故选 sitting.

6. A.由下文可知,对方是一个男子,故用he指代。

7. D.头发应是被染成红色的,故应选colored.

8. B.面对这样一个男子,“我”不想惹麻烦,trouble合乎文意为正确选项。

9. C.由下文可知,“我”吃的是这个男子的巧克力,这引起了对方的某一反应,比较四个选项,再根据上文,用名词surprise比较合乎当时的情形。

10. B.习惯用语“a second + 名词”,常用来表示“再一个,又一个”。

11. A.根据文意可知那个男孩起身要走,故选择stood.

12. B.男孩生气了,必定说了发泄的话,比较四个选项wrong为最佳选择。

13. B.男孩骂了“我”导致大家都朝“我”看,而“我”不想与他争吵,可见“我”的反应与上文描述的气氛恰恰相反,故选择but构成转折关系。

14. C.固定搭配make a mistake意为“犯了个错误”。

15. B.“我” 在喝完咖啡准备离开时发现了自己的过错,故应选leave.