Take a look at your fingers. Would you believe me if I told you that the length of your fingers in relation to one another can predict your personality? I know that it sounds like one of those hokey tests you see on Facebook, but I have to admit that it was spot-on for me.

Here's how it works:

Look at your three middle fingers of your left hand. Is your index finger longer than your ring finger? Is your ring finger long than your index finger? Or are the two the same height? Find the scenario that best matches your hand and see if what follows is an accurate description of your personality.

Longer ring finger: The Sweet Talker

If your ring finger is longer than your index finger, researchers shows that you're likely a charming type, and you can probably talk yourself out of any situation. Others often find this personality type irresistible and will go to great lengths to help you. You're more likely to take risks, and you're good at problem-solving. People in this category make great engineers, soldiers and crossword-puzzle solvers.

Longer index finger: The (Over) Confident One

If your index finger is longer than your ring finger, chances are you are full of confidence — possibly even to the point of being over-confident and arrogant. You are not necessarily introverted, but you do enjoy time to yourself, especially when you're trying to complete a project. You are a goal-oriented go-getter who can make things happen, but you may be shy when it comes to taking the first step in a relationship. You are also probably happy with what you have, but you're always wishing for more.

Index and ring finger are the same length: The Peacemaker

If your index finger and ring fingers are roughly the same length, you are likely to avoid conflict at all costs and seek to keep the peace in your relationships. You are well-organized, faithful and compassionate. But deep down under all of that caring and peace-loving, you also have a fiery core that can lash out unexpectedly when you're pushed too far. You will try your hardest to avoid a fight, but heaven help the person who pushes you into one!

How well did these descriptions match your personality? I was surprised at the accuracy in my case (but I'm not going to spill which one it was!).