Unit 6 My Room

A. Point and say. Listen.

I like the pink wardroom. I like the purple curtains.

Now say.

curtains, a wardroom, a shelf, walls, a table, purple, pink

B. Say and act. Listen.

I have a pretty room. What color is the table?

It’s yellow.

What color are the walls?

They are pink.

Now say.

C. Story time.

Let’s paint! Susi.


I like purple.

Oh, no!

Oh, dear! What color are the walls?

They are purple.

What color is the wardroom?

It’s pink.

Ok, let’s paint.


The walls are pink.

The wardroom is yellow.

I like this room.

E. Say the sound and words. Listen.

 [ɜː] nurse purple curtains turtle

Color the turtles and say the words.

The nurse has a purple turtle on her curtains.