Unit 8 Children’s Day

A. Point and say. Listen.

I like the clock.

I like the watch very much.

Now say.

a story book, a clock, a discman,

a computer game, a CD, a watch

B. Say and act. Listen.

What do you want, Bob?

I want a pencil case, please.

Now say.

What do you want, Bob?

I have a ruler. I want a pencil case.

C. Story time.

What do you want, Jim?

I want a watch.

What do you want?

I have a computer. I want a computer game.

It’s a computer game.

It’s a watch.

Here you are, Jim.

Thank you very much, Tim.

This is for you.


E. Say the sound and words. Listen.

[əʊ]bone stone nose home

Now say.

Draw the bone in the correct home. Say the rhyme.

I have a good nose.

I can smell the bone.

It’s in the home under the big stone.