Unit 7 My Pet

A. Point, say and act. Listen.

That’s a fish.

This is my cat.

This is my turtle.

Now say.

a fish, a bird, a rabbit, a dog, a cat, a turtle

B. Say and act. Listen.

I like the cat.

It’s small. It’s white.

I like the dog. It’s big. It’s black.

What’ s that?

It’s a fish. It can swim.

It can’t fly. It can’t run. It can’t jump.

Now say.

C. Story time.

Hello! Tim. What’s that?

Oh, it’s a small cat.

I like the cat.

It’s small. It’s green. It can run.

Sorry, Pat. No cat at home!

Oh, no! I like the cats.

Here you are, Pat.

This is a cat, too. It’s small. It's grey.

Oh, thank you Tim. I like this cat very much.

E. Say the sound and words. Listen.

[ai] kite bike fly my

Now say.

Point and say the rhyme.

I like my cat.

It’s big and white.

I fly the kite.

You ride the bike.