Unit 6 Toys

A. Point and say. Listen.

What's this? It's a doll.

What's this? It's a robot.

Now say.

a cat, a bear, a robot

a dog, a doll, a toy box

B. Say and act. Listen.

My robot is on the desk.

My cat is under the bed.

My ball is in the toy box.

Good boy!

Now say.

C. Story time.

Put your toys in the box.

Yes, dad.

That's a big box.

My toys are in this box.


Are you ok?

I'm here. I'm under the ball.

Oh, no! My ball is on the desk.

My bear is under the bed.

My robot is in the bin.

E. Say and sounds and words. Listen.

[ei]Jane game [i:] Pit athlete

Now say.

Circle the correct names. Say the rhyme.

My name is Pit. I'm an athlete.

Jane is my name. Let's play a game.