Unit 3 Our Show

A. Point and say. Listen.

I can sing. I can dance.

Now say.

sing, dance, run, jump, read, write

B. Say and act.

Let's do a show.

I can jump. Can you jump?

Yes, I can jump.

Can you sing?

No, I can't. I can dance. Can you dance?

Yes, I can.

Now say.

C. Story time

Welcome to our show! Let's start!

I'm Pat. I'm in grade one. I can sing.

I'm Ann. I'm seven. I can dance.

Sorry, I can't run. I can't jump.

It's ok, sit down, John. Can you jump, Tim?

Yes, I can, Miss Wang.

I can run. I can jump, too.

Say the sounds and words. Listen.

[i]big pig [e]red hen

Now say.

Point and say the rhyme.

Here is a big pig and a red hen.

Eight little pigs, now that's ten.