Unit Two Fun with Coco

A. Look and say. Listen.

I’m tall. I’m short. I’m thin.

Now say.

tall, short, fat, thin, thick, small

B. Say and act. Listen.

“Look! Pat.” “Wow! Coco, you are tall. You are thin.”

“Are you Jojo?” “Yes, I’m.”

“Are you father?” “No, I’m not. I’m Tim.”

Now say.

C. Story time

Good afternoon! Coco.

Wow! Eddie. You are tall.

Oh, no! This is small. I’m big.

How can I help you? Pat.

Come on, Pat.

Coco, you are small.

I'm tall. I’m big. I can help you, too.

Thank you Coco. Thanks Eddie.

You are welcome.

E. Say the sounds and words. Listen.

[æ]cat fat [e] bed red

Now say.

Circle the correct, colour the bed, say the ryhmn.

Look at the fat cat on the red bed.

G. Listen, do and chant.

Listen and do.

You are my friends. You are my friends.

Big or small. Short or tall.

You are my friends.

Now do and chant.