Unit Nine Colours

A. Point and say. Listen.

This is red. This is blue.

Now say.

brown red orange yellow green blue

B. Say and act. Listen.

This is a computer. It’s blue.

This is an apple. It’s brown.

Now say.

C. Story time.

Tim: Look at me Coco!

Coco: Very good, Tim!

Coco: What’s this? Tim.

Tim: It's an apple, Coco. It’s red.

Coco: What’s this? Tim.

Tim: It's an apple too. It’s green.

Coco: What’s this? Tim.

Tim: It's green too.

Coco: Oh, no!

E. Listen,say and write.

Listen and say. Listen.

a[æ]apple e[e]egg i[i]in o[ɒ]hot u[ʌ]cup

Now say.

Find and write the letters.

G. Listen, colour, do and chant.

One two, red and blue.

King and queen, yellow and green.

Up and down, orange and brown.

Now do and chant.

Unit Ten Revision

B. Listen and read.

Stand up

Oh, no! Look at the window..

“Two please! Sit down.” “Thank you!”

“Look at your nose!” “Oh, no!”

Play the game, match the colours, tell your friends.

It's a banana. It's yellow.

It's blue. Oh, no!

It's a book. It’s blue. It’s blue. Yes!

D. Listen, write,do and chant.

Listen and write.

One two sit down.

Three four stand up.

Five six look down.

Seven eight look up.

Nine ten start again.

Now do and chant.