Unit 4 At the Zoo

A. Point and say. Listen.

Look at the elephants.

Look at the panda.

Now say.

elephant, a panda, a lion, a giraffe

a monkey, grey, white, black

B. Say and act. Listen.

This is a giraffe. It's brown and white. It's tall and thin.

That's a lion. It's brown. It's small.

Now say.

C. Story time.

"Mum, what's that?"

"Sit down! Cindy!"

"Mum, it's big. It can read."

"Be quiet! Cindy!"

"Mum, it's black and white. It's fat."

"Cindy, what's that?"

"Oh, no! It's a panda."

"Let's call the zoo!"

E. Say the sound and words. Listen.

[ɔ] frog log [ʌ] puppy sun

Circle the frog and puppy. Say the rhyme.

I'm frog on the log. I can hop, hop, hop.

I'm puppy in the sun. I can run, run, run.

Unit 5 Revision

B. Look, say and act.

You are big. Are you Tom?

Yes, I am.

You are small. Are you Bill?

No, I am not. I am Mick.

D. Listen and trace the correct lines.

Mum, what's that?

It's big. It's black and white.

Look, it's tall. It's big. It's brown and white.

Wow, it's very big. It's green.

This is small. It's brown.