Module 2 Unit 1 Animals

animal:     n. 动物
tiger:       n. 老虎
lion:        n. 狮子
panda:     n. 熊猫
monkey:   n. 猴子
season:    n. 季节
a hot summer day:  一个炎热的夏天
take a rest:  休息一下 

Do you like...?
Yes, I do. / No, I don't.

Sound(音标):  [k]
绕口令练习:A cook is looking for a book, he wants to cook a cake in a cooker for all of the cooks.
发[k]的字母和字母组合:c  k  ck
   c: cap  cook  cup  car  can  class
   k: cook milk  key  desk  kite cak
   ck: clock  sock  cock  neck