(1) The three friends begin to look for T-bone’s beach ball. T-bone looks under some seashells. He finds a crab.

(2) Cleo looks around some rocks. She finds a starfish.

(3) Clifford decides to take a look underwater. He sees a lot of sea animals, but he doesn’t see T-bone’s beach ball.

(4) T-bone is very sad. Suddenly, Clifford sees something in the water. “Look!” says Clifford. “It’s my beach ball!” says T-bone.

(5) With Cleo and T-bone on his back, Clifford swims toward the beach ball.

(6) Some dolphins are playing with it! “Wow!” says Clifford. “They are having lots of fun with your beach ball.”

(7) “Is this your ball? ” asks one of the dolphins. “Yes, it is,” says T-bone. “If you like it, I’ll give it to you as a present.” All the dolphins say, “Thank you!”
“这是你的球吗?”一只海豚问。“是的” T-bone回答。“如果你们希望,我可以作为礼物送给你们。”所有的海豚说,“谢谢你!”