(1) A goose lives in the little house. A goat lives in the bigger house. A girl lives in the biggest house.

(2) The goose loses a feather. She looks all over her house for it. It's not there.

(3) The goose tells the goat about the lost feather. They look all over the goat's house for it. It's not there.

(4) The goose and the goat tell the girl about the lost feather.

(5) The goose and the goat look all over her house. The girl makes a sign. It reads: Lost one feather. If found, please return it to goose.

(6) "You are writing with a feather," says the goat.

(7) "You are right," says the girl. She gives the feather to the goose.

(8) Now everyone is happy.