"When the photographer says ‘Cheese!' stick out your tongue," says Amy. Richard says Okay. I say Okay. 

The pictures come back. Amy is smiling. Richard is smiling. My whole class (全班) is smiling! I am sticking out my tongue. 

I put my picture in the trash. Just as I am leaving, my teacher says: "Don't forget your picture!" 

We get on the bus. Amy shows her picture to the bus driver. Richard shows his picture to the big kids. I put my picture between the seats. 

Just as I am leaving, the bus driver says: "Don't forget your picture!"

I put my picture in my dog's house. Just as I am leaving, my dog runs up to me. He has my picture in his mouth. 

I take my picture home. I take out my red pen… Now Amy and Richard are sticking out their tongues. My whole class is sticking out their tongues!


stick out  伸出

eg. Stick your neck out. 伸出你的脖子来。

run up  跑向...

eg. I run up the stairs. 我跑上楼梯。

take out  拿出

eg. Take out the table. 把桌子拿出来。


What did I use to let my whole class stick out their tongues?