1. This year Sister Bear will start kindergarten. She likes being at home with her mother and father... her books and toys... and all her friends.


2. "What will school be like, Mama?" she asks at bedtime. "School is fun," says Mama. She kisses Sister good night.

“学校将会是什么样子的呢,妈妈” 她在睡前问道,“学校很有趣,” 妈妈说,并给了她个晚安吻。

3. The next morning, Sister begins to worry again. The big yellow school bus arrives at the tree house. "Stop worrying!" says Brother Bear. "School is fun. You'll like it. Now let's go!"

第二天早上,熊妹妹又开始担心了。巨大的黄色校车停在巢屋边,“不要担心了!” 熊哥哥说,“学校里很有趣,你会喜欢它的,现在出发吧!”

4. On the school bus, a little bear sits next to Sister. He looks very worried. So she smiles at him and holds his hand.


5. The Bear Country School looks very nice. And the kindergarten room looks beautiful. "Story time!" Miss Honey Bear calls to the class.

这个熊的乡校看起来很美好。幼儿园的教室看起来很漂亮。“故事时间!” 蜂蜜熊小姐对全班说。

6. After the story, Sister tries everything. She paints a picture... helps build a block city... makes a big clay doughnut... and looks at the books.


7. She eats all of her bread and honey at lunchtime. And she falls asleep at nap time.


8. Sister is so happy when she gets home. "Mama! Papa! Look what I did in school today!" She shows them her painting.



next to 在……旁边

He sits next to me. 他坐在我旁边。

fall asleep 睡着

He falls asleep in class. 他在课上睡着了。

arrive at 达到

He arrives at the bus stop at 8:00. 他八点钟到达汽车站。