Project: Fire

by Alice and Peter

Many, many years ago, people used a stick, a large piece of wood and dry leaves to make a fire. They used fire to cook meat and to get light and heat.


Today, people use fire in many different ways. At home, we use fire to cook food and boil water. In factories, workers use fire to melt metals to make things of different shapes. Factory workers also use fire to make glasses.


Fire can be very dangerous. Every year, hill fires burn a lot of trees. This is because there are many careless people. They leave burning cigarette ends or do not put out their barbecue fires. People may be seriously injured or even lose their lives and homes in a fire. We must be careful with fire.


Writing: Fire drill rules


There will be a fire drill at Rose Garden School. Miss Guo is thinking about things that may happen during the fire drill. She wants to write some rules for her students.


What may happen during the fire drill?


Some students may pack their school bags before they leave the classroom.


Some students may run down the stairs.


Some students may not remember to meet in the playground.


Some students may not queen up in the corridor.


Complete Miss Guo’s fire drill rules.
Fire drill rules
1. You must not pack your school bags before you leave the classroom.
2. You must not run __________________.
3. You must _________________.
4. You must_________________.

2. down the stairs
3. remember to meet in the playground
4. queen up in the corridor