[00:00.00]Page 40
[00:16.43]Unit 3
[00:19.54]Look and say
[00:21.37]1 January
[00:25.86]2 February
[00:30.46]3 march
[00:34.35]4 April
[00:41.12]5 May
[00:44.51]6 June
[00:48.51]7 July
[00:52.79]8 August
[00:57.10]9 September
[01:01.60]10 October
[01:05.88]11 November
[01:10.16]12 December
[01:14.50]Ask and answer
[01:17.51]S1:What's the weather like in January?
[01:22.42]S2:In January it's cloudy,windy,cold and dry.
[01:32.42]Page 41
[01:34.38]Read and write
[01:37.20]Dear Helen,
[01:39.08]My name is kitty.
[01:41.30]I am your pen-friend.I have a brother.
[01:45.69]I live in shanhai.The weather in shanghai is nice.
[01:50.97]In spring it is sunny,rainy,warm and wet.
[01:56.69]In summer it is sunny,rainy,hot and wet.
[02:01.65]In autumn it sunny,cool and dry.
[02:06.90]In winter it is cloudy,windy,cold and dry.
[02:13.93]Your friend Kitty
[02:16.86]Observe and record
[02:19.05]Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday saturday
[02:32.66]Page 42 and 43
[02:35.45]Read a story
[02:36.94]The ugly duckling
[02:39.19]It is spring.
[02:46.37]Some ducks are swimming in the pond.
[02:51.96]Mother Duck is making a nest.
[02:59.36]There are three eggs in the nest.
[03:06.36]They are small and green.
[03:10.64]Now there are four eggs in the nest.
[03:17.41]Three eggs are small.
[03:21.22]One egg is big.
[03:24.62]The big egg is white.
[03:28.51]Mother Duck is sistting on the nest.
[03:35.43]It is summer.
[03:39.35]Look!The ducklings are opening the eggs.
[03:45.18]There are three small ducklings.
[03:52.70]They are beautiful.
[03:56.30]There is one big duckling.
[04:02.21]It is ugly.
[04:05.71]It is autumn.
[04:09.29]Mother Duck is swimming in the pond.
[04:14.20]Three ducklings are sitting on her back.
[04:20.02]They are happy.
[04:22.74]The ugly duckling is sad.
[04:28.36]It is winter.
[04:31.57]Two big swans are swimming in the pond.
[04:38.49]They are beautiful.
[04:42.02]They see the ugly duckling.
[04:45.83]Hello,Who are you?
[04:50.82]I'm an ugly duckling.
[04:53.67]No!You're a little swan.
[04:58.58]I'm a little swan!
[05:01.79]You're a beautiful little swan.
[05:12.19]Learn the sounds
[05:16.97]The bench is beside the church.
[05:31.29]The match is on the watch.
[05:42.54]Page 44
[05:45.34]Say and act
[05:47.22]Four seasons
[05:49.62]There are four seasons in a year.
[05:53.12]What are they?
[05:52.12]They're spring,summer autumn and winter.
[05:57.32]Very good,Kitty.
[05:59.52]Ailic,do you like spring?
[06:02.31]Yes,spring is nice.
[06:05.55]It's warm.It not cold.
[06:08.27]Plants grow and grow.
[06:10.96]The leaves are green.The grass is green,too.
[06:15.14]We can see many beautiful flowers.
[06:18.40]Do you like spring,peter?
[06:22.06]No,I don't.
[06:24.67]I like autumn.
[06:26.27]It's cool and dry.
[06:28.43]The leaves are brown and yellow.
[06:30.84]We can fly kites in the park and play football in the playground.