[00:00.00]Page 36
[00:15.65]Unit 2
[00:18.47]Sing a song
[00:19.67]Tick-tock!Tick-tock!Says my grandmother's -coo!Coo-coo!Says my mum's clock.
[00:18.67]Ling-ling!ling-ling!Where's my little clock!
[00:24.21]Say and act
[00:27.11]get up, Kitty.
[00:30.14]what's time is it?
[00:32.54]It's six o'clock.
[00:34.24]It's half past six,Kitty.
[00:39.67]Get up ,Kitty.
[00:44.45]What time is it?
[00:47.27]It's seven o'clock.
[00:50.10]It's half past seven,Kitty.
[00:56.31]Where's my
[01:00.94]It's under you bed.
[01:03.78]What time is it,Kitty?
[01:07.55]Oh,No!it's eight o'clock.I'm late.
[01:14.86]Page 38
[01:17.34]Say a rhyme
[01:19.14]A typhoon
[01:20.76]Listen to the wind!
[01:34.58]Listen to the thunder!
[01:43.86]Listen to the rain!
[01:47.88]Pitter-pat!pitter-pat!on my hat!
[01:57.33]Learn the sound
[02:02.09]The moth is in the bath.
[02:12.25]Page 39
[02:15.33]Listen and write
[02:17.55]bird - tweet-tweet
[02:23.80]cat - miao-miao
[02:30.59]rain - pitter-pat!
[02:36.26]trees - rustle-rustle
[02:42.38]waves - crash-crash
[02:50.55]water - splash-splash
[02:58.23]wind - whoo-whoo
[03:04.10]cars - hnk-honk
[03:09.56]birds - tweet-tweet
[03:14.97]cats - miao-miao