[00:00.00]Page 32
[00:16.54]Module 3
[00:18.18]Things around us
[00:19.70]Unit 1
[00:21.11]Colours and places
[00:23.33]Look and read
[00:26.33]The leaves are green in spring.
[00:31.79]They are brown and yellow in autumn.
[00:41.33]The sun is yellow in the afternoon.
[00:50.21]It is red in the evening.
[00:54.36]The lizard is on a leaf.
[01:01.75]It's green.
[01:04.86]It is on a rock.
[01:07.74]It is brown.
[01:10.58]Do an Experiment
[01:13.69]1)Some paints
[01:18.55]2)Put some red paint in a bowl,And some green paint.
[01:29.10]3)Nix these colous
[01:34.77]4)What colour can you see?
[01:41.07]Page 33
[01:43.73]Look and read
[01:45.43]The Tan family at the beach.
[01:48.23]We are at the beach.
[01:59.09]The sun's shining.
[02:01.84]It's yellow.
[02:04.87]I'm swinmming in the sea.
[02:10.30]Jane's collecting shells on the beach.
[02:15.11]Dad's sailing his boat.
[02:19.02]Mum's sitting under an umbrella.
[02:23.83]Some boys are playing football.
[02:35.06]Learn the sound
[02:37.26]The postman is eating
[02:43.06]some toast in the post office.
[02:47.24]Page 34
[02:50.14]Look and read
[02:52.07]The aeroplane is above a mountain.
[02:58.31]The temple is at the top of a mountain.
[03:04.48]The sun is behind a mountain.
[03:09.62]The tree is near the bench.
[03:14.30]The table is under the tree.
[03:18.79]A leaf is on the water.
[03:22.50]The bench is between the table and the tree.
[03:29.97]Now listen!
[05:27.34]Page 35
[05:29.04]Read a story
[05:30.63]The bird,the cat and the dog
[05:30.92]Beside the house,there is a cage.
[05:37.82]In the cage,there is a bird.
[05:46.56]Under the cage,there is a cat.
[05:54.92]Behind the cat,there is a dog.
[06:01.45]The cat is jumping.
[06:07.51]The cage is falling.
[06:14.67]The bird is flying.
[06:21.23]The cat is chasing the bird.
[06:26.35]The dog is chasing the cat.
[06:36.25]the bird is at the top of the tree.
[06:45.31]The cat is in the tree.
[06:51.58]The dog is under the tree.
[06:57.33]The bird is flying.
[07:04.51]The cat is falling.
[07:08.09]The dog is running.
[07:11.88]The bird is in the cage.