[00:00.00]Page 27
[00:16.54]Unit 3
[00:17.82]A busy family
[00:19.30]Look and read
[00:20.95]Here are the Chens.
[00:25.94]They are busy.
[00:28.76]Grandma is watching television.
[00:39.37]Mr Chen is washing the dishes.
[00:44.62]Eddie is drying the dishes.
[01:01.07]Mrs Chen is reading a book.
[01:11.68]Wendy is doing her homework.
[02:01.84]Grandpa is writing a letter.
[02:13.30]Ginger is washing her face.
[02:26.57]Page 28
[02:28.38]Read and act
[02:30.20]What am I doing?
[02:34.28]You're washing the dishes.No.
[02:38.80]You're drying the dishes yes.
[02:43.74]Learn the sound
[02:51.13]The wasp is on a crisp.
[02:58.52]Page 29
[03:00.90]Look and say
[03:02.88]This is my aunt.
[03:06.49]Her name's Susan.
[03:09.34]She's a singer.
[03:12.05]She can sing.
[03:13.91]This is my uncle.
[03:17.75]His name's Tony.
[03:20.46]He's a pilot,He can fly an aeroplane.
[03:26.21]This is my cousin.
[03:29.40]Her name's Helen.
[03:32.64]She's a student.
[03:35.95]She can paint.
[03:37.65]This is my cousin.
[03:40.31]His name's Henry.
[03:43.31]He's a student.
[03:46.35]He can draw.
[03:50.11]Now listen!
[05:21.04]Page 30
[05:23.57]Read a story
[05:26.37]I like Supergirl.
[05:29.71]She's super!
[05:31.36]I like Spiderboy.
[05:34.94]He's super,too.
[05:41.44]He can ride a motor-bike.
[05:53.39]He can drive a car.
[06:01.78]He can fly an aeroplane.
[06:17.66]But he can't ride a horse.
[06:31.43]page 31
[06:33.62]Say and act
[06:35.74]Where's Ginger?
[06:37.96]Where's Ginger?
[06:39.66]Is she sleeping?
[06:41.59]No.She's not in herbasket.
[06:45.64]Is she watching television?
[06:49.35]No,She's not in her chair.
[06:53.21]We can find Ginger.
[06:57.24]I've got a radio.
[06:59.82]I've a radio,too.We can talk.
[07:04.89]I can't find my cat.
[07:08.26]What colour is it ?
[07:10.77]What its name?
[07:13.07]I't brown.Its name's Ginger.
[07:12.07]It that your cat?
[07:14.99]yes.That's Ginger.
[07:22.28]Ginger's in the tree.
[07:25.05]What is she doing?
[07:26.90]She's sleeping.