[00:00.00]Page 23
[00:17.74]Unit 2
[00:19.15]My toys
[00:20.45]Look and learn
[00:22.57]21 twenty-one
[00:26.98]22 twenty-two
[00:33.52]23 twenty-three
[00:39.94]24 twenty-four
[00:45.27]25 twenty-five
[00:51.36]26 twenty-six
[00:58.52]27 twenty-seven
[01:03.17]28 twenty-eight
[01:08.53]29 twenty-nine
[01:13.78]30 thirty
[01:18.01]40 forty
[01:22.42]50 fifty
[01:27.05]Page 24
[01:28.67]Read and answer
[01:30.55]1)How many bears are there?
[01:39.38]2)How many soldiers are there?
[01:49.02]3)How many puzzles are there?
[01:57.06]4)How many cars are there?
[02:06.49]Learn the sound
[02:13.13]The mask is on the desk.
[02:21.67]Page 25
[02:25.33]Read and answer
[02:28.33]Who is cooking dinner?
[02:30.76]Ben!Where are you?
[02:36.79]What are you doing?
[02:39.14]I'm in my bedroom.
[02:41.78]I'm making an aeroplane.
[02:45.20]Kitty!Where are you?
[02:50.43]What are you doing?
[02:52.75]I'm in the stting-room.
[02:55.37]I'm doing a puzzle.
[02:57.61]Grandma!Where are you?
[03:02.71]What are you doing?
[03:05.21]I'm in the dining-room.
[03:08.66]I'm making a doll.
[03:11.82]Where are you,Maggie?
[03:15.85]What are you doing?
[03:18.46]I'm in the bathroom.
[03:21.31]I'm washing Kitty's toys.
[03:24.18]Come and help me!
[03:26.32]Where are you,Dad?
[03:30.29]What are you doing?
[03:32.43]I'm in the kitchen.
[03:34.94]I'm cooking dinner.
[03:37.97]Come and help me!
[03:51.22]Page 26
[03:53.78]Read a story
[03:55.40]Supergirl on the moon
[03:58.74]This is my spaceship
[04:02.16]That's Superdog.
[04:04.77]That's his spaceship.
[04:07.70]They are in their spaceships.
[04:06.70]This is the moon,we're on the moon.
[04:12.73]These are rocks,Those are mountains.
[04:20.78]What's that?
[04:24.70]It's a restaurant.
[04:27.88]Two moonburgers,Please.
[04:31.52]I like the moon.
[04:34.81]I like moonburgers.