[00:00.00]Module 2
[00:16.93]My favourite things
[00:19.23]Unit 1
[00:20.66]My pet
[00:21.94]Read a poem
[00:23.88]Where,where,where is my little brown dog?
[00:33.96]Is it in the shop?
[00:38.58]Where,where,where is my little brown dog?
[00:47.12]Is it behind the mop?
[00:51.77]Where,where,where is my little brown dog?
[01:00.42]Here it is in the box!
[01:09.49]Do a survey
[01:12.36]Have you got a pet?
[01:14.48]Have you got a pet,peter?
[01:19.91]yes,I've got a dog.It's my pet.
[01:19.98]What colour is it?
[01:22.51]What's its name?
[01:26.26]It's brown.Its name's brownie.
[01:31.87]Have you got a pet,Betty?
[01:35.53]Yes,I've got a giraffe,A giraffe!
[01:41.85]It's not my pet.It's my toy.
[01:48.57]Page 20
[01:49.93]Play a game
[01:52.07]What is my pet?
[01:54.47]some paper a pencil some crayons
[02:06.98]1)Fold the paper
[02:13.20]2)Draw your pet
[02:20.54]3)write about your pet
[02:27.86]4)fold the paper.
[02:34.49]It is small.It is brown.
[02:42.33]It has got short ears.
[02:47.03]It has got a long tail.
[02:51.84]It has got short hair.
[02:57.09]It is soft.
[02:59.15]What's my pet?
[03:03.72]It's a dog.
[03:06.02]Yes,it is.
[03:09.26]Page 21
[03:11.66]Ask and answer
[03:14.22]S1:How many children in Class 4A have dogs?
[03:21.33]S2:Three children have dogs.
[03:26.66]S1:How many children in Class 4A have pets?
[03:33.40]S2:Twenty children have pets.
[03:32.40]Learn the sound
[03:38.25]The fish is on the dish.
[03:45.90]Page 22
[03:48.96]Look and read
[03:51.07]Animal friends
[03:53.29]I've got a fish,Min.
[03:57.94]It's nice,Mog.I'm hungry.
[04:03.43]Superdog is digging a hole.
[04:08.65]Superdog is in the hole.
[04:12.33]He has a small bone.
[04:15.67]Peppy is eating the bone.
[04:20.35]Milly is looking at an apple.
[04:27.22]The tree is tall.
[04:32.26]Ella is shaking the tree.
[04:37.09]The apple is falling.
[04:40.54]Milly is eating the apple.
[04:45.45]Ella is eating some leaves.