[00:00.00]Page 14
[00:17.74]Unit 4
[00:19.36]What can you smell and taste?
[00:22.18]Read and answer
[00:24.71]Ben's friend
[00:27.04]This is David.He cannot see.He is blind.
[00:36.02]He can hear.He can touch.He can feel.He can smell.He can taste.
[00:50.73]I can smell oranges.Is this a fruit shop?
[00:59.90]yes,it is.
[01:01.86]I can smell cakes.Is this a cake shop?
[01:06.87]Yes,it is.
[01:09.20]I can smell hamburgers.Is this MCdonald's?
[01:14.00]yes,it is.
[01:15.73]This is a hamburger.
[01:18.47]I can taste it.
[01:20.38]It's good.
[01:28.29]What can David smell?
[01:35.96]He can smell...
[01:43.12]Play a game.
[01:45.94]I can smell...
[01:49.34]Close your eyes.
[01:49.41]What can you smell?
[01:52.44]I can smell biscuits.
[01:56.46]Yes.Have a biscuit.
[02:00.41]Page 15
[02:02.76]Look and talk
[02:05.16]It is small.It is rough.It is yellow.
[02:12.63]Smell it.It is nice.It is a lemon.
[02:18.67]It is big.It is smooth.It is red.
[02:31.99]Smell it.It is nice It is an apple.
[02:38.31]Read and answer
[02:41.08]What have you got,Kitty?
[02:44.79]Close your eyes.
[02:47.14]Smell it.It's an apple.It's nice.
[02:55.10]What have got,Eddie?
[02:59.65]Close your eyes.
[03:01.40]Smell it.It's a sandwich.It's nice.
[03:09.34]What have you got,Peter?
[03:14.54]Close your eyes.
[03:17.13]Smell it.It's chocolate.It's nice.
[03:25.25]What have you got,Alice?
[03:30.94]Close your eyes.
[03:33.37]Smell it.It's a cake.It's nice.
[03:43.22]Page 16
[03:45.36]Read a story
[03:47.32]the fox and the grapes
[03:50.30]Look at the grapes.
[03:53.91]The grapes are round and purle.
[03:59.63]A fox is looking at the grapes.
[04:05.06]It likes grapes.
[04:08.17]A bird is looking at the grapes.
[04:13.60]It likes grapes.
[04:16.74]The bird is eating the grapes.
[04:21.94]They're my grapes.
[04:24.57]I like grapes.
[04:27.81]These grapes are sweet.
[04:30.97]Those grapes are sour.
[04:34.29]I don't like those grapes.
[04:38.21]Page 17
[04:41.16]Look and learn
[04:43.43]orange juice lemon juice pineapple juice apple juice water
[05:10.73]Play a game
[05:13.76]six glasses
[05:16.61]close your eyes.This is A.
[05:21.42]Smell it.
[05:25.39]Taste it.What is it?
[05:40.75]Learn the sound
[05:46.91]Some fluff is on the cuff.
[05:55.66]Page 18
[05:58.98]Say and act
[06:01.02]Birthday presents.
[06:03.16]Where is mum,Winnie?
[06:05.51]She's in the kitchen.
[06:08.12]What is she doing?
[06:10.89]She's making a cake.
[06:13.82]Whose presents are those?
[06:17.94]they're winnie's presents.
[06:20.87]Oh,yes,It's winnie's birthday today.
[06:26.75]Happy birthday!
[06:29.92]Thank you.
[06:34.64]Close your eyes,Winnie.
[06:37.57]Put your hands in the box.
[06:40.86]Touch it.
[06:43.03]Is it a toy car?
[06:45.07]yes,Here you are.
[06:47.89]Close your eyes,Winnie.
[06:51.41]Smell it.
[06:53.14]Guess.What have I got?
[06:55.78]It's box of chocolates.
[07:00.11]Close your eyes Winnie.
[07:03.25]What have I got?
[07:08.13]Oh,it's a clock!Thank you,Dad.