[00:00.00]Oxford English Shanghai Edition Grade four the next time 4B
[00:21.03]Page 2 Module 1
[00:23.88]Using my five sense
[00:26.49]Unit 1
[00:29.75]Look and learn
[00:53.79]felt pens
[01:00.13]Say and act
[01:02.38]At the bookshop
[01:04.63]Look!those crayons are thin.
[01:09.64]These crayons are thick.
[01:12.67]Look! These felt pens are new.
[01:19.20]Those felt pens are old.
[01:23.15]Look!Those paints are old.
[01:28.58]These paints are new.
[01:31.27]Look!These brushes are long.
[01:37.70]Those brushes are short.
[01:41.75]What have you got,Ben?
[01:43.76]I've got these crayons.These thick.
[01:49.09]What have you got,kitty?
[01:52.44]I've got these paints and these brushes.
[01:57.87]Page 3
[02:01.66]Say and act
[02:03.98]Whose pens are these?
[02:06.91]They're Betty's pens.
[02:10.04]Whose pencils are those?
[02:12.37]They're Eddie's pencils.
[02:15.45]Learn the sound
[02:20.75]Jack has a black sock.
[02:28.64]Page 4
[02:31.02]Say and act
[02:33.26]What are the children doing?
[02:35.98]What are you doing?
[02:37.06]I'm writing.I'm writing.I'm drawing.I'm painting.
[02:48.90]What are you doing,Peter?
[02:50.12]Are you talking?
[02:52.26]No,I'm reading.
[02:55.81]What are you doing,Kally?
[02:59.13]Are you sleeping?
[03:04.38]Page 5
[03:08.46]Look and say
[03:10.68]Where's danny?
[03:14.73]He's in the playground.
[03:18.57]What's he doing?
[03:20.81]He's playing.
[03:23.14]Where's Kitty?
[03:25.72]She's in the hall.
[03:28.91]What's she doing?
[03:31.05]She's singing
[03:33.46]Where are peter and Betty?
[03:37.92]They're in the library.
[03:40.93]What are they doing?
[03:43.64]They're reading.