[00:00.00]page 2
[00:02.98]Module 1 Getting to know you
[00:05.56]模块 1 认识你
[00:08.15]Unit 1 Hello again
[00:10.58]单元一 再次你好
[00:13.01]Look and say
[00:17.06]Good morning,Kitty.Good morning,Ben.Good morning,Eddie.How are you?
[00:30.01]I'm fine,thanks.This is my sister.Her name's Wendy.Hello.Wendy.
[00:41.87]Wendy,this is Kitty.This is her brother.Ben.
[00:49.32]Kitty's my classroom.Hi,Kitty.Hi,Ben.
[00:56.16]This is our dog.His name's Sam.
[01:04.03]This is our cat.Her name's Ginger.
[01:10.58]Goodbye! See you.
[01:18.24]page 3
[01:26.18]Read a story
[01:29.42]I like Supergirl.
[01:33.96]She's super.She can run.She can jump.
[01:45.33]She can swim.She can dive.She can fly.
[01:56.79]But she can't cook.
[02:02.15]Learn the sound CH The chocolate is on the chair.
[02:07.82]学习声音 CH 巧克力在椅子上。
[02:13.49]page 4
[02:17.12]Look and say
[02:21.24]Can you...?Kitty,can You swim?Yes,I can.Eddie,can you swim?No,I can't.
[02:36.29]Danny,can you draw?No,I can't.Can you paint?Yes,I can.
[02:42.06]丹尼,你会画图吗?不,我不会。你能调油漆? 是的,我能。
[02:47.84]page 5
[02:52.20]Unit 2
[02:55.65]How old are you?
[02:58.57]Look and say
[03:01.94]How old are you,Alice.I'm nine today.It's my birthday.It's your birthday!
[03:07.52]你多大?艾丽丝。我今天9 岁。 它是我的生日。它是你的生日!
[03:13.10]Happy birthday,Alice.Thank you.
[03:18.06]Ask and answer
[03:22.50]S1:How old is Alice?
[03:26.05]S2:She's nine.
[03:29.29]Learn the sound
[03:33.37]sh- She is in the shoe shop.
[03:37.34]sh-她在鞋商店内 。
[03:41.31]page 6
[03:44.26]Look and say
[03:48.21]A birthday party
[03:52.18]Sit down,please.Here's your coke,Alice.Thank you,Mom.
[04:05.34]Happy birthday to you.Happy birthday to you.
[04:15.61]Happy birthday,dear Alice.Happy birthday to you.
[04:26.76]Blow,Alice!OK.Cut the cake,Alice.
[04:35.91]Here you are,Kitty.Thank you.
[04:41.78]Now listen!
[06:10.55]Make a birthday card
[06:14.20]1 Fold the card.
[06:17.18]1 折叠这张卡片。
[06:20.16]2 Draw a picture on the card.
[06:24.18]2 在这张卡片上画一张图。
[06:28.21]3 Write Dear...Happy Birthday!From...
[06:36.33]3 给亲爱的人写信生日快乐! 从 ...
[06:44.45]page 7 Say and act
[06:46.99]第七页 说并且行动
[06:49.52]Is this your bicycle?
[06:53.57]1. Come here,please.What's your name?I'm Ben Li.
[07:02.35]How old are you.Ben?I'm ten.Oh,no.I'm eleven.
[07:10.60]It's my birthday today.Happy birthday!
[07:16.45]Thank you.Is this your bicycle?
[07:23.12]Yes,it's my bicycle.Ride your bicycle in the playground,please.OK.
[07:33.46]Ask and answer
[07:36.70]Is this your pencil?Is this your pencil,Kitty?
[07:44.07]No,it isn't my pencil.Is this your pencil,Peter?
[07:49.71]Yes,it's my pencil.
[07:54.17]page 8
[07:58.30]Unit 3 What are you?
[08:00.57]单元三 什么是你?
[08:02.85]Look and say
[08:06.32]Look at the fire.Fire,fire!
[08:19.96]Telephone one,One,nine!Bring the engine.Engine,engine!
[08:28.13]Here are the firemen.Firemen,firemen!
[08:32.99]What's he?He's an ambulance man
[08:40.86]What's she?She's a policewoman.
[08:47.10]page 9
[08:49.97]Look and learn
[08:53.81]a teacher a doctor a dentist a nurse
[08:59.29]一位教师 一位医生 一位牙科医生 一位护士
[09:04.76]a shop assistant a waiter a waitress a cook
[09:10.43]一位店员 一名服务员 一位女侍者 一位厨师
[09:16.09]a bus-driver a policeman a fireman a postman
[09:22.43]一个公共汽车司机 一个警察 一名消防队员 一个邮递员
[09:28.76]Learn the sounds
[09:32.42]ph-Philip's photo is behind the telephone.
[09:42.40]wh-Where is my white whale?
[09:50.55]page 10
[09:54.08]Look and say
[09:57.94]What does your father/mother do?
[10:01.06]你的父亲/ 母亲做什么吗?
[10:04.19]what does your mother do?
[10:08.94]She's a dentist
[10:13.38]What does your father do?He's a doctor.
[10:21.04]2. what does your mother do?She's a shop assistant what does your father do?
[10:26.31]2 . 你的母亲做什么? 她是一个店员,你的父亲做什么?
[10:31.59]He's a bus-driver.
[10:36.45]page 11
[10:40.91]Make and play
[10:44.75]What am I ?What am I?
[10:52.41]Are you a policeman?No,I'm not a policeman.
[10:59.85]Yes,I'm a fireman.
[11:05.03]page 12
[11:08.87]Say and act
[11:12.63]About Alice's family
[11:17.80]Hi,Alice,What's this?It's a photograph.
[11:25.45]Oh,how nice.Is this your brother?Yes.
[11:32.32]How old is he?He's ten.It's his birthday today.This is my father.
[11:40.87]What does he do?He's a driver.Can he dive?
[11:49.22]No,he can't.But he can swim.